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Career Assessment Testing

Changing Your Career, Seeking a Better Job, or Wondering What To Do Next?

Then this on-line career assessment and debriefing session is for you. You will discover your values, skills, personality, career interests, possible career choices, and the best working environment for you. 

“I just finished this career assessment, and I have to say I’m shocked at how dead on this was (how could they gather so much data from just 60 questions?!)  Wow! I look forward to chatting with you about this further.”

“Hi Deborah. I have completed the assessment. I think it is very accurate in reflecting my work personality.”

“Deborah, I finished the assessment. Very interesting.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say!”

“Wow! That assessment test was dead-on! I’m absolutely amazed & astonished. It even went into great detail about various items that help make sense to why certain things are going on. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.”

Wondering What You Are Meant To Do With Your Life?

Work either increases your energy and sense of worth or decreases it. It adds or subtracts meaning from your life. Your work needs to be fulfilling, and in order for this to happen you must build your career around something you love to do.

Working in an unfulfilling career is a defeating and unrewarding experience. Once you uncover what you were meant to do, then you can actively apply it to doing what you enjoy to do.

Many people work in a profession because they think they can’t do anything else or will have to start from the bottom. The problem is you still go to work everyday and you are unhappy. And, this unhappiness does not go away until you do something about it.

If you don’t believe in what you are doing and you don’t find satisfaction in your work, you’re likely undermining your true potential. Look at your job closely. If it is subtracting from your life rather than adding to it? If the answer is yes, maybe it is time for a different approach.

This online assessment and debriefing session will assist you in identifying work that you will look forward to doing. When you find what you are designed for, you’ll find you have the energy and drive to do it very well, which increases your ability to be more successful. And, make more money.

What Is Career Assessment Testing?

Online Career Assessment Testing is specifically designed to determine your work personality. Your results  determine which personality profile you fit into. From this data, you are able to determine which jobs you will be most satisfied with and likely succeed in. You are also able to determine a wide spectrum of your personality traits at work including strengths, weaknesses, styles, optimal environments, and other in depth characteristics of you at work.

You Will Learn:

  • What is important to you for career fulfillment.
  • Your transferable skills and the skills most enjoyable for you to use.
  • What careers match your personal and professional interests.
  • Your work-related personality style and preferences.
  • How to research your alternatives.
  • How to develop a plan to overcome your obstacles.
  • How to create an achievable action plan.

A Sample:

See for yourself what the test results look like.

Sample Career Assessment-Click Here

More Testimonials:

“I am thrilled with this assessment. I have seen many of these; some use vague questions, some use leading questions, and some use misleading descriptors. This is such a refreshing change. I am extremely impressed by it and your discovery. This assessment is truly of high quality.”  

“I loved this Career Assessment test. It categorized me as a “Developer” which both my wife and I agreed with completely.”


The Cost: $199

You will receive:

  • A 12+ page personalized career report that contains a complete evaluation of your values, skills, career interests, and personality.
  • A list of career options that match your skills and abilities.
  • A description of the perfect working environment where your strengths, likes, and passions will be utilized beautifully and effectively.
  • A 60-minute coaching call to go over your results.

You are not just getting amazing insight into your career. You are getting the benefit of a veteran experienced certified career coach who can guide you through your answers and which direction to take next in your career.

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What Will Happen Next?

  • Once you purchase your assessment, you will receive via e-mail, a user name and password to take your online test.
  • Once you complete your online assessment, send me an e-mail to let me know your test is complete.
  • I will review your assessment in detail within 24 to 48 hours after receiving your e-mail.
  • You will receive an e-mail with different times for us to go over your results and create next steps for your career.


elevations5If you are not sure what you should do next in your career, this assessment can give you insight, clarity, and direction.


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