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Below are career coaching & career development programs to help you find a new job, a new career, or success in your current profession:

Is Social Networking Really That Important For Your Career? $39.95

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The answer is YES. One of the biggest regrets my clients tell me is they have let their networks go. They got busy with their lives, and their jobs, and friendships and important contacts just slipped away.

Now, they are in trouble. They know the best way to get a job or get ahead in their career is through who they know, but they don’t know anyone anymore. They feel frustrated and alone.

Click Here for a downloadable career program where I share as a career coach, how social networking can help you find a job, grow your career, or expand your business.


Coach Yourself to a new career

Do You Want To Discover Your Ideal Profession? $39.95

Click Here For A 8-Step Seminar Series That Walks You Through Finding Your Ultimate Profession. Join Deborah Brown-Volkman, career coach, as she walks you through one of her best-selling career books,“Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession.” This book is the result of her personal journey to find a career with purpose & includes inspiring stories of others who have done the same.



Do You Want To Know The Right Words To Use At The Right Time? $29.95 

Ever wonder what to say in these situations?  What do I say to my boss to get the raise I want?  What do I say to successfully propose and implement a new idea? What do I say to find the right person to send my resume to?

Click Here for 12 career coaching seminars that give you practical tips & techniques so you can say the right thing at the right time in your career.


Do You Want Inspiration? $14.99

This upbeat and informative 55-minute CD will show you the 5 key steps for becoming inspired. Learn: 1) The secret to getting inspired; 2) Why inspiration is easier than you think; 3) How to jump start your career; 4) How to create a winning career plan; 5) How to transform your career and your life. Click Here to place your order.


Do You Want To Become a Career Coach? $99

(This is a specialized program for those who want to become a career coach or add career coaching to their existing practice.) Learn what it takes to be a successful Career Coach from Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC, veteran professional coach, author of several books, and leader in the coaching industry.

Click Here To Find Out More. (Scroll down the page to find the Sage & Scholar’s Guide® – Coaching Career Transitions program)

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