“Our work has helped me visualize and fine-tune my options. I got a real great sense of being on track, with concrete areas to pursue. I learned organizational strategies that kept me focused. Our sessions were extremely productive, and I have a plan of attack.”


“I believe every businessperson, whether experiencing current success in their career or going through a transition, should engage the services of a career coach, just like you. Next to my MBA, I cannot think of a better investment in my career. I would not hesitate, for a moment, in recommending you to all my friends and business associates.”


“Deborah not only gave me solid career advice, but also the encouragement that I needed. She also opened my mind up to options I never thought possible. I have courage and a solid action plan for achieving what I want in the workplace.”


“Thanks to your coaching, I was finally able to have a conversation with my CEO about a pay raise that I had not received in two years. When I laid out my accomplishments, he agreed and gave me a raise. I know he did this because of my preparation, determination, and passion. I have learned how to tackle a seemingly unapproachable topic, and turn it into an extraordinary prize.”


“Investing in myself and using a Career Coach has been one of the greatest rates of return that I have ever gotten from an investment. You have gone above and beyond my expectations of what it is like to work with a coach.”

Corporate Coaching Programs (CCP)


We have several programs to coach your employees, teach you how to coach, or help you lead/communicate more effectively in the workplace.


For employees that are either weighing you down, employees that you want to revitalize, or a perk for your “rising stars.”

The Corporate, Leadership, and Career Coaching for Employees Program is a:

  • A thank you for all their hard work and efforts, or a solution to for employees who need the focus and attention you can’t provide right now.
  • A way to revitalize your workforce at a time when you need your staff to be their most productive.

As a Certified Professional Coach, experienced coach, and career expert, I will coach your employees to reach their full potential.  They will learn to recapture the excitement in their careers and to achieve the results necessary to shine. I will also work with your most challenging employees and turn them around, as well as your rising stars to keep them motivated, focused, and on track.

A win-win for both you and the people who work for you.

You get productive employees that are working on themselves, their working style/habits, and their future within your organization.

You also get peace of mind because you can do your job and not worry if your employees are giving you their all or not. And, you can be assured that you are cultivating your workforce and your rising stars in the right way.

Here’s a sample of some of the issues I’ve coached employees on:

  • A crucial team member who wanted to leave the company because of exhaustion, but stayed after I taught him better techniques for dealing with his workload and stress level.
  • A woman who was well-liked, but was slow in completing her assignments, transformed into an organized and productive employee who was reaching and surpassing her goals.
  • An assistant who was difficult to manage, changed her attitude and her willingness to work more effectively, so she could take on and succeed with additional work.
  • An executive who was great at his job, but had a messy desk, who was changed into an respected employee that had a clean desk and an organized mind. 

Additional issues I also cover:

  • Personal and team effectiveness
  • Time management
  • Organization and prioritization
  • Goal-setting
  • Leadership
  • Energy, motivation, and revitalization

For those of you who want to learn how to coach your employees yourself.

  • Would you like your employees do what they said they would, on-time, and with a good attitude?
  • Would you like to have employees who treat your business or department like it was their own and not just a place to come to work each day?
  • Would you like to know the secret to engage the committed attention of your employees so they do their jobs without a lot of handholding or direction?

Being the person responsible for leading or managing your organization or department is not always easy. You spend your time thinking of ways to run things at their best. You want to see your organization succeed, and you want people around you who feel the same way.  And, you get frustrated when they don’t.


Teaching, coaching, and mentoring program where you (or many of you) learn the foundational coaching skills and vital techniques to coach. The goal of the program is to walk away understanding the principle ingredients to coaching successfully.

Ten (9) fifty-minute telephone calls to cover the following topics:

  • The what and why of coaching. What it is, what it is not, and how to use it correctly in the workplace.
  • Coaching skills such as establishing a coaching agreement, ethics and standards, creating trust, coaching presence, powerful questioning, creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing progress and accountability.
  • Effective communication skills including tone of voice, word choice, body language, timing, resistance, active listening, and how to get your message across effectively.
  • A coaching model; learning a process for coaching that you will make your own.
  • Best practices: What to do and what to never do; what works and does not work, and common mistakes made by newer coaches. How to identify and release judgment and bias, as well as how to be open and objective.
  • Practice makes perfect. 2 sessions for practice and evaluation of coaching skills learned in the program.
  • Recap and review. Session at the end to go over questions and points that need clarification or a deeper explanation.

As a Certified Professional Coach, veteran coach, and career expert, I will coach you to reach your full coaching potential.  You will learn how to coach, as well as how to enhance productivity, time management, goal setting & achievement, and employee retention.


Effective leadership and communication in the workplace is essential. When an organization breads poor communication and internal messaging among employees, this leads to issues such as misunderstandings, lack of information, poor performance, frustration, increased staff turnover, as well as many others.

Leadership and communication is simple. You say one thing, and the other person says another. The challenge is that each person communicates differently. People listen to what is being said differently, and they interpret what they hear differently, too.

The burden of getting the message across successfully falls on the person who needs to get their message across. This person is you. The more simply you can state what you want, the easier it will be for you to get it. The clearer you can be upfront, the better your results will be.


  1. Having a Purpose
  2. Having a Focus
  3. Getting Agreement
  4. Creating Next Steps

You will also learn:

  • How to know and ask for what you want
  • How to build rapport
  • How to get understanding and buy-in
  • How to hold people accountable
  • How to get results

Leadership & communication has the power to destroy or build relationships, as well as destroy or build your reputation. How do you want to be seen and heard in your organization?

Corporate Coaching Programs (CCP) can be customized and offered through individual coaching, group coaching, tele-seminars, or webinars, to small or large groups.


Please contact me at deborah@surpassyourdreams.com or call 631-874-2877 and we’ll set up a complementary 30-minute conversation to go over your issues, concerns, and goals for your employees and yourself.

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