“Deborah went well above and beyond our original plan, and I can’t thank her enough. I can say with a happy heart and a new sense of confidence that Deborah is a fantastic coach and will be by your side as you get where you want to be in your coaching practice.”


“Having you as my mentor coach has been truly enlightening. You’ve modeled the role of a coach whose sole purpose is to help clients reach their goals quickly. Your strengths and intuition have been so accurate. You are an inspiration. Thank you for helping me go from being a new coach, to a coach who is working with clients.”


“Yesterday I established my first paying client!! I am thrilled. It feels great, and I feel validated. Thank you for your words of encouragement. It has been very powerful to have you listen to me, believe in me, and help me grow as a coach.”


Before Deborah began helping me build my coaching practice, I had no idea where to start. She helped me focus on what was important and we began developing a path for me to follow. Deborah has been a true partner in building my business. I get energized and excited when working with her and I love our brainstorming sessions. I have a niche, a website, a great marketing plan, and new sense of self-confidence.”


“I want to thank you for helping me see that Coaching is my next profession. I’m ready for all/any hard work to get there, bring it on! It is such a blessing to finally have direction. I have such internal joy that I do not know what to do with.”


(Want To Make Coaching Your Next Career?)

Four Steps to Building a Profitable Coaching PraticeAs an Experienced Professional Coach who is the President & Founder of Surpass Your Dreams, and the Author of the first marketing book written exclusively for coaches Four Steps To Building A Profitable Coaching Practice, I Can Show You How To Start Your Practice, Build It, And Become A Full-Time Coach.

Do what you love for a living…

I know that starting a coaching practice is not easy. You worry if you are opening the right business, if you will find a way to position yourself to the world, and if you will make money. You wonder if you have the right credentials, or if you will be able to catch up to the more experienced coaches in the profession. You face fear, procrastination, and uncertainty.

I know what it is like to grow a profitable coaching practice, and have prospective clients understand your passion so they will hire you. I know what it is like to work in the corporate world during the day, coach clients in the evenings and on weekends, and take coaching classes at night. I accepted the challenge so I could move towards doing what I love (coaching) full time. I know what it is like to be financially successful as a full-time coach. It’s possible once you know how. I can show you the way.

Trying to build a coaching practice by yourself is a daunting task. When I first began, I believed I could do it myself and find resources, coaching buddies, etc. who would make my journey easier. Big mistake! I see how my practice would be making even more money today if I would have enlisted the assistance of a coach earlier in the process. Having the support of someone who has done it before can make the difference between coaching as a hobby, vs. coaching as a profession. My goal is for you to have coaching as your profession.

If you find yourself saying “I cannot afford a coach.” Ask yourself,  “How can I not afford one?” If you are struggling with figuring out how to get into this industry, which marketing strategy to begin with, or how you are going to get clients so you can make this your full-time profession, your journey to becoming a coach or financially successful will be delayed if you are working through this alone. It takes a lot of courage to say “I am a coach!” Why go through the process of making this happen by yourself if you do not have to?


The First Step Is Define Your Target Audience. We will look at the type of people you naturally attract into your life. Who have you helped, who do you enjoy helping, and who do you want to help? Completing this analysis will produce the exact description of the people you will be coaching.

The Second Step Is Develop A Program Your Target Audience Will Pay You Lots of Money For. Together, we will create a program specifically designed for your target audience, one that will showcase your knowledge and expertise. You will have a program that makes sense to people, one you can explain easily, and something concrete people will pay you for. You will be amazed at how simple this process is.

The Third Step Is Design Your Marketing Strategy. Marketing is simple. Marketing is straightforward. You do one thing and you get another. The confusion comes in when you are trying to figure out which thing to do first, or you are trying to do everything at once. Don’t try to figure out how to do this alone! It is expensive, time-consuming, frustrating, and much easier to learn from someone who already knows how to successfully market a coaching practice.

The Fourth Step Is Discover How To Sell. You cannot make money as a coach unless you ask potential clients for their business. This does not mean that you have to be pushy. It means being yourself. It’s telling clients what you can do for them, and asking whether they are interested. If they say, “yes,” you sign them up. If they say “no,” you thank them for their time. Selling can be this simple. I will share my secrets with you.


  • The top things you need to start your coaching practice right
  • How to select a niche that will bring you both fulfillment and profit
  • How to create an effective elevator speech that will leave potential clients wanting more
  • The three most important things you need to know to successfully market yourself
  • How to become masterful at both marketing and selling
  • How to get clients
  • The one thing you need to know to fill your practice effortlessly
  • How to have a web-site that will give the world access to your services in 90 days or less
  • Foolproof way to book speaking engagements
  • How to set your coaching fees
  • How to accept credit cards so you do not have to chase checks from non-paying clients
  • What to do and say on complimentary calls
  • How to create e-books, e-courses, e-newsletters, and other passive revenue generating programs that can bring you revenue while you sleep
  • How to automate, prioritize, and organize your coaching practice
  • The top 6 things you need to know to become a full time successful and profitable coach
  • Access to a Client Only page that contains coaching agreements, client forms, programs, and resources I have colleted since I started my coaching practice in 1998
  • And, much more! 

Professional Certified CoachNote: In addition to my years of experience in helping coaches build profitable practices, I am also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This designation is given by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the regulatory body and the gold standard in the world of coaching. The PCC designation means I have demonstrated high ethical standards, and have met rigorous coaching requirements based on education and professional coaching experience. This also means that I can help satisfy your mentor coaching requirements when it’s your turn to go for credentialing from the ICF. I can also give you insight into what the testers are looking for, and the best way to prepare for the exam. The ICF credential is important because it is known worldwide as the only coaching credential issued by an independent organization which is un-affiliated with or swayed by a coach-training schools ideas or curriculum.



Are you frustrated with trying to grow and market your coaching practice? Do you feel like there is too much information (or too little) on how to market your practice, yet not enough direction on where to begin? Would you like quick answers so marketing can be easy to apply and understand?

If yes, join Deborah Brown-Volkman, Certified Teleclass Leader as she walks you through her best-selling book, Four Steps To Building A Profitable Coaching Practice: A Complete Marketing Resource Guide For Coaches.

One of the hardest aspects of marketing your coaching practice is not knowing where to start. Plus, at times you feel alone, overwhelmed, and frustrated. You want to make sure that the money and time you spend on marketing is going to be effective, but are unsure what to do first. Please know that you do not have to go through the process of building a profitable coaching practice by yourself. There are people like myself and other coaches who want to help you.

If you want to learn from me, and a group of coaches who are understanding what to do and what it takes to be masterful at marketing, then this downloadable series is for you.

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(For people who are thinking about getting into the profession.)

  • Do You Want To Get Into Coaching But Need To Know More About It First Before Making The Leap and Commitment?
  • Do You Want To Know What The Profession is Like, What Schools To Go To, Or How You Can Make Money In This Profession?
  • Do You Want To Know How To Build Your Practice And Get Clients?
  • Do You Want To Know The Six Steps to Becoming A Full-Time Coach?

Find out everything and more about the coaching profession and how to grow a profitable coaching practice from an established, successful coach who will share her secrets, techniques, and lessons learned with you.

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Career-Transitions(This is a specialized program for those who want to become a career coach.)

Learn what it takes to be a successful Career Coach from Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC, author of several career and business books, and leader in the coaching industry.

Click Here To Find Out More. (Scroll down the page to find the Sage & Scholar’s Guide® – Coaching Career Transitions program)


(This is for coaches who don’t have the best intake package and want one.)

Is your intake package done yet? Has this kept you from working with your first client? Or, if you have been coaching for a while, do you have all your client intake forms prepared and ready to go? One of the hardest tasks of being a coach is having all your forms in place when you are working with new clients. And, how you handle the client in the beginning of the relationship sets the tone for the entire relationship. Forms include a Coaching Agreement, Pro-Bono Coaching Agreement, Client Data Form, Client Weekly Prep Form, and Credit Card Authorization Form that you can tweak easily and use within minutes. These forms are a result of years of client’s requests, personal reading, and my thoughts on what is the best way to handle the intake process. Make sure you start out the coaching relationship right! These forms will have you come across in a professional manner and can be the foundation of the trusted relationship you will have with your new client. To Purchase Your Forms, Please CLICK HERE



I offer a Complimentary 30-minute Get Acquainted and Goal Setting Telephone Calls to those that are interested in working with me. If you would like to schedule one of these calls, please CLICK HERE and the available days and times will be sent directly to your inbox. (Note: There will be a normal or long distance phone charge on your phone bill for the call.) This call is your opportunity to decide if working with an experienced coach like myself will be the catalyst to either starting a coaching practice or taking to to an extraordinary next level.) 

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