The Career Support Group Tele-Seminar Series

In my work as a career coach, I have many people that come to me for direction and guidance. They can’t afford my services, but they still need assistance.

So, I hosted a series of complimentary telephone calls where people jumped on the line and asked any question they wanted about their career.

Below are the recordings for these calls. I hope they help you too.

Recording #1: Theme of call-Following up, making time for your job search, and the power of positive thinking. (49 minutes long.)

Recording #2: Theme of call-Overcoming a pro-longed job search. (Short call-21 minutes long.)

Recording #3: Part I & Part II: Theme of call-Choosing to find the courage to start a business or stay in a job/industry you do not love AS WELL AS letting go of self-perceptions that are holding you back in your career. (2 calls/we got cut off-29 minutes long.)

Recording #4: Part I & Part II: Theme of call-1) Building a business (coaching practice). Having focus so you can build the business right.  2) Getting over the loss of a job due to people at work who did not like you and contributed to you being fired. (2 calls/we got cut off (again)-46 minutes long. Also, sorry for the bit of background noise.)

30 Minute Complimentary Call 

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