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If you are looking to book an expert who can give you insight into what it takes to make changes in your career and life, love the career and life you have now, or the in’s-and-out’s of the coaching industry, you have found your media-friendly expert.

As the President of Surpass Your Dreams, a successful career, life, and mentor coaching company that’s been around since 1998, and the author of several successful books including: Coach Yourself To A New Career (A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession), How To Feel Great At Work Every Day (Six Steps For Creating A High-Energy Success Plan For Your Career), Four Steps To Building A Profitable Coaching Practice (A Complete Marketing Resource Book For Coaches) and Four Steps To Building A Profitable Business (A Marketing Start-Up Guide For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, And Professionals) and Co-Author & Co-Creator of The Essential Coaching Book (Secrets to a Winning Life), you will be booking a guest who has a fresh perspective, an outgoing personality, and a New York attitude.

I can cover issues related to what Senior Executives, Vice Presidents, and Managers are facing today. I can discuss: career planning, life planning, transition, how to stay motivated, inspired and upbeat, what to put on a resume and cover letter, how to negotiate a great salary, the right words to say on an interview, how to lead and inspire employees, how to get a job, how to keep a job, how to change careers and still pay the bills, how to do what you love for a living, how to market yourself, how to work smart and not hard, how to delegate, how to convey power and confidence, setting goals, managing your time, networking guidance, relationship building at work, and how to stay on track and passionate about your career and life. I can also cover how to start, build, and market a profitable coaching practice.


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Deborah where she demonstrated remarkable talent and skill.  As an expert, she was called upon to quickly assess the needs of our guests and distill her information into a short, but powerfully effective message. I wholeheartedly recommend her for on-air work.” Steve O’Brien, American Radio and Television Productions, NYC. Note: Steve O’Brien has been a major presence in New York radio and television for over twenty years.

“I have spent years working in the broadcast industry and have seldom been moved by a host or guest. Deborah has been one of the few. She is extremely effective as a speaker. Her on-air delivery is compelling. She is passionate, articulate, funny, intelligent and accessible. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in producing a successful radio or television program.” Philippe van den Bossche, President, American Radio & Television Productions, NYC

“Deborah has a dynamic, professional presence. Her high-powered message of motivation and personal fulfillment is a hit with guests and listeners alike. Her tone carries sincerity along with advice. I would highly recommend Deborah as a contributor for regular or guest spots.” Todd Schmerler, Former Creative Producer, American Radio & Television Productions, NYC

“I had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Brown-Volkman, who was a guest on Jobline, Long Island’s only weekly program devoted exclusively to career opportunities, workplace issues, and business technology. Deborah spoke about her book, “Coach Yourself to a New Career: A Guide for Discovering Your Ultimate Profession.” Deborah focused on the eight steps our viewers could take to find their ultimate profession. I thought Deborah was an articulate and inspiring guest who presented her information in a professional manner. She is easy to work with and I would recommend her as a guest for your show.” Jill Wolfson, Guest Coordinator, Jobline, News 12

“Thanks Deborah so much for today. You were great. I will use you again for future stories.” Darcy Bonfils – Writer/Producer, ABC NEWS, New York

In addition to on-air experience, I have been quoted numerous times in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Smart Money Magazine, and many more. Click Here for a complete listing.

Would You Like To View Or Listen To Past Interviews?


Click Here To Download And View The CNN Segment (Note: I am the 1st expert and the 2nd person interviewed.)


ABC News   Click Here To Download And View The ABC EyeWitness News Segment   III. TV INTERVIEW WITH JOBLINE LONG ISLAND’S ONLY WEEKLY PROGRAM DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND WORKPLACE ISSUES:   Jobline   Click Here To Download And View Part I Of The JobLine Segment   Click Here To Download And View Part II Of The JobLine Segment


Steve O'Brien                   Click Here To Download And Listen To The Radio Segment   Note: The segment you will be hearing was for a nationally syndicated show. I was part of the demo process taping weekly shows for 8 months.



V. RADIO INTERVIEW WITH DAVID WEISS, RADIO PERSONALITY, LONG ISLAND MORNING NEWS. Click Here To Download And Listen To The Radio Segment Click Here To Download And Listen To A Portion Of The Radio Segment

VI. “COACHES SPOTLIGHT” ON THE COACHING SHOW, THE VOICE OF PROFESSIONAL COACHING.  SPONSORED BY WSRADIO.COM, THE WORLD WIDE LEADER IN INTERNET TALK:   Click Here To Download And Listen To The Internet Radio Segment Note: The clips are in RealAudio. To listen to or view RealAudio clips, you’ll need the most current version of the RealOnePlayer. Click on the logo below, and scroll down the page to start the free download of the Real One Player.   RealOnePlayerLogo

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