Would you like to locate your dream career? Find inner clarity and direction? Learn how to create an action plan for your career that gets results and helps you obtain your ultimate profession?

Join Deborah Brown-Volkman as she walks you through her best-selling book, Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession.The book is the result of her personal journey to find a career with a purpose and it includes inspiring stories of others who have done the same.


“A systemic, well-thought out approach to identifying and determining one’s career goals. A must have for anyone wanting to achieve career satisfaction.” Linda Matias, JCTC, CEIP, Past-President, The National Resume Writers’ Association

“If you’ve suspected there’s something more out there for you, a better career—one that will awaken you soul, your true interests, your true passions, then get prepared to be enlightened, to find your inspiration and to shift the course of your career. The exercises, wisdom, true-life stories and guidance contained in this amazing book can serve as the light at the end of the tunnel.” Susan Eckert, MA, CCM, Principal, Advance Career and Professional Development

“In this book you will find warmth, guidance, support, and applause—a powerful catalyst for reaching your career goals.” Siegmundo Hirsch, Ph.D., Career Coach and Counselor

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How The Program Works:

The eight step seminar series follows the eight chapters in the book, Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession over an eight week period. You will be listening to a group of people who were also discovering their ultimate profession just like you.

This is a self-guided and self-coaching program.

Because these teleclasses have been taped previously, all you need to do is click on a link and listen via your computer, at your convenience, on your schedule, at any time. Or, you can take these files to go.

You can listen to the entire series at one time OR listen once a week like the people on the calls are doing. Either way, your understanding of the material will be magnified and your quest to locate your ultimate profession will be quicker and easier.

This is what the career series will cover:

Step One: Learning To Dream Again. You will discover what happened to your dreams and why finding them is key to obtaining a career you love. You will walk away with the dream you lost. (55 minutes)

Step Two: Evaluating Your Career Path. You will evaluate where you have been and why you are not where you want to be now. You will learn how making peace with your past is key to your career success in the future. You will walk away with self-acceptance. (55 minutes)

Step Three: Gaining Inner Clarity. You will find out what makes you truly happy in a career. You will walk away with a criteria and checklist you can follow to make wiser career choices in the future. (55 minutes)

Step Four: Challenging Your Beliefs. You will learn how to challenge and overcome negative thoughts. You will walk away with a positive frame of mind and motivation to tackle your career obstacles. (55 minutes)

Step Five: How Fear Affects Your Career. You will learn how to overcome fear, worry, and procrastination. You will walk away with strength and courage. (55 minutes)

Step Six: Moving Forward. You will learn how planning is key to obtaining your career goals. You will walk away with a plan that is simple and easy to implement. (55 minutes)

Step Seven: Implementing Your Plan. You will learn how to implement your plan even with a busy schedule and a long to -do list. You will walk away with direction and focus. (55 minutes)

Step Eight: The Finish Line. You will learn how to visualize your success. You will walk away with your goal already reached in your mind. (55 minutes)

DON’T GO THROUGH THE BOOK ALONE! Have the author and a group of career seekers who are are just like you, guide you as you obtain your ultimate profession.


Watch Deborah Brown-Volkman as she answers this question, as well as discusses the 8 steps in this book during a TV Interview with JobLine, Long Island’s only weekly program devoted exclusively to career opportunities and workplace issues.






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When you take the time to focus on your career, and you do the work, the answers you are seeking come. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your career.

“I came to Deborah’s class because I lacked career goals. Her program of action was filled with writing and sharing of the information from her book and I enjoyed being a part of the group. I’ve found that my attitudes toward myself were the biggest changes I made, and I am on my way to making a transition from my old profession to a new one. The experience was rewarding, productive, and fulfilling.” Carl Baytala

“I am so glad I took this teleclass series! The weekly teleclasses followed each chapter of Deborah’s book, Coach Yourself to a New Career – A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession. It was a great opportunity to discuss and learn more about the concepts and exercises presented in each chapter. Deborah is a top-notch instructor. She is warm, knowledgeable, insightful, a good listener and motivator, and a positive influence overall. Every time I hung up the phone following our weekly teleclass, I felt like I learned something new and had a fresh, more positive outlook. I signed up for this series in hopes of discovering my ultimate profession – a.k.a. “figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.” During this 8 step course, I read Deborah’s book, completed exercises, and participated in the weekly teleclasses. It was a great experience which I would highly recommend. I have a new outlook, in addition to the knowledge and tools I need to get where I want to be.” Sally Li

“Your teleclass: 8 steps to your ultimate profession was superb! Before I took the class, I was torn between wanting to write every day (to finish the book I am working on) and helping people with Public Speaking, which also brings me great joy. As a result of learning from you that a person can have an ultimate profession and a parallel profession, which makes a person (almost) as equally happy, I can now work in both areas daily – without guilt! Thank you very much!” Maureen Cain

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Because we follow the book, “Coach Yourself To A New Career: A Guide For Discovering Your Ultimate Profession,” having a copy of the book will make a big difference in understanding and mastering the material.


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